Scope of Work

Individuals finally have an alternative opportunity to celebrate their lives through their final arrangements.

The services provided by Holy Smoke are a cost effective memorial for your outdoors person.

    The ecological footprint caused by our service is virtually non-existent. 




We now offer you the opportunity to prearrange your celebration of life with Holy Smoke.  Having your wishes outlined and arranged in advance helps your family members through an emotional time.
Prearrangement allows you and your family to decide together and share in your choices, to preserve life insurance proceeds for the living, to avoid price increases, and most importantly, to provide peace of mind. Call or email us today to discuss prearrangements with Holy Smoke. 


 None of the ash will have any effect on rifling, the propellant, or the firearm.  All ash is placed in the shot cup or in the bullet for rifles and pistols.  All shotshells and bullets will be sealed and boxed with reverance and care.  

  Let us help you take your loved one on one more hunt or one more round of clays. Email us, use the form on our Contact page, or call (251) 232-4414 or (251) 213-1211. 
We are here to serve you.

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